Optimal portfolio management
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Best-in-class optimisation tools for scheduling, inventory and portfolio management.
Integrated exposures and hedging.
Robust, efficient workflows and system integration.
All in one system.

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Simplified Schedule

LiNGO's comprehensive suite of schedule management tools make it easy to evaluate and visualise scheduling changes instantly.

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portfolio optimisation

Don't settle for less. LiNGO's unique proprietary algorithms look beyond just cargoes and vessels to optimise across the entire portfolio, creating millions in actionable value that inferior algorithms cannot see.

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Leading GHG analysis & optimisation

Monitor and optimise your forecasted emissions. LiNGO's GHG & Carbon module enables carbon accounting, ETS and CII. The module is continuously evolving with industry standards.

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Work smarter

Robust validation
Errors are a thing of the past. LiNGO's comprehensive validation catalogue of thousands of cases, built over a decade, flags mistakes as they happen.
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Option analysis
Use LiNGO's specialised tools to explore the portfolio, price tenders and monitor multiple scenarios.
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Comprehensive reports
Easily recreate your favourite spreadsheets, reports and exports in LiNGO with built in integration to the Data Hub.
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Actionable value
Identify value that matters. LiNGO's tools give you practical, relevant optimisations to capture real value.
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Supercharge your ADP

Managing your ADP from a spreadsheet leads to inefficiency, errors and lost value.

LiNGO simplifies the ADP process, supporting the user from high-level origination strategy right through to detailed late stage negotiations with buyers.

Data  Input contractdetails, rateability,volumes, contractspecific restrictions.Analyse Originationstrategy withLiNGO Long Term.OriginationStrategyModel Inventoryfor mulitple assets,third party lifters.Unique ADPRequirementsGenerate an initialschedule forcounterpartynegotiation.Preliminary ADPSeamlessly merge  the final ADP and  active base case.MergeIterate and refine the scheduleas negotiations advance re-optimising at every step tomaintain maximum value.Supporting ADP

Origination Strategy

Analyse origination strategy with LiNGO Long Term.


Input contract details, rateability, volumes, contract specific restrictions.

Unique ADP Requirements

Model inventory for multiple assets, third party lifters.

Preliminary ADP

Generate an initial schedule for counterparty negotiation.

Supporting ADP

Iterate and refine the schedule as negotiations advance, reoptimising at every step to maintain maximum value.


Seamlessly merge the final ADP and active base case.

Developed with LNG users,
for LNG users

LiNGO is used by businesses of all kinds and sizes across the globe. Our wealth of market experience working with active portfolios alongside LiNGO's modular design means that we have the features and tools to guide your LNG business as it grows.



Exposures and



Optimise without limits

Forget about hardware limitations. We provide cloud optimisation enabling complex, big data analysis from almost any machine.

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