Do you love to code? Do you dream of your hard work having visible, real-world impacts - for a fair reward? Do you have a passion for optimisation, AI and machine learning techniques?

We optimise complex global business operations to create massive value out of thin air, using pure brainpower and a little cloud. Our systems harness serious computing power and are used by our enterprise clients daily.

We are looking for a special combination of scientific rigour, a natural ability for rapid and robust software engineering, team-working and a driving passion for solving business problems.

We use a range of technologies and tools to develop our modular, layered architecture and scalable, performant and robust systems. So we're looking for understanding of and enthusiasm for:

Java/C#, Python; HPC, AWS

Build tools, continuous integration, distributed version control; dependency injection

Web and desktop applications

Optimisation, AI and machine learning (particularly in real-world contexts)


Get in touch with some information to find out more. A CV is fine but we like to see more - links to your Github profile, websites or apps that you have built, papers or any other interesting work. Apply using the form below or email us directly at

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