LNG. Optimised.

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Be Right

Optimised, peak performance in any business landscape

More from less

Optimisation decision support systems that create massive value and competitive advantage for global enterprise.

Maximise profit

Enhance business agility

Analyse risk and improve robustness

Discover opportunities,
inform negotiations

Real change

We solve hard problems. Nice in theory. Better in practice.

Real-life, demonstrable value

Transform teams and processes, not just strategies

Unify business intelligence and data across functions

Integrate, streamline and audit existing systems

Turn complexity into opportunity

Simplify complexity to focus on core functions and high-level goals. Mine complexity in operations and markets to reveal hidden value, opportunities and new offers.

Take control

People-centred software that matches business processes, enables collaboration, gives visibility and foresight.

Model operations, strategy and markets. Validate and evaluate plans.

Share and compare scenarios.
Optimise to find the best options.

From the best options, make the best decision.

Disruptive, global impact

Our software is relied upon to power business in some of the world's largest companies.
With a sector focus on commodities and energy, we primarily address complex operations in trading, shipping, scheduling and logistics.

Science that means business

Exact models manage and validate every last detail of real business data, processes and logic.

Goal Machine, our proprietary platform, features state of the art algorithms...

...continuous R&D driven by market needs and in-service performance monitoring...

...and solves the world's toughest, most complex optimisation problems

Close, collaborative working

No barriers between users and developers. Daily contact across the globe.

Fast technical support and full training based on deep business knowledge

Consulting and continuous development, including custom requirements

Close relationships with IT teams and full compliance with required policies


Expert and experienced: A team of world-class technologists delivering business-critical optimisation software for over ten years in fields ranging from energy to manufacturing, mail to online retail.
We're hiring: Apply your ninja tech skills, clear-thinking, collaborative approach and (ideally) stellar post-PhD research to solve real-world problems with major impact.

Find us in the heart of London, UK.

Minimax Labs Ltd.
7 Ridgmount Street
London, WC1E 7AE
e: enquire@minimaxlabs.com